One of the greatest sources of inspiration for our band - The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra - has allways been Mr. James "Jamesie" Brewster of the U.S.Virgin Islands.

Back in 1988, where the band started up, we heard Jamesies voice in songs as "Ramgoater", "Livin in a Rhumshop" as well as the instrumental Quadrill that fascinated us and awoke our love for the music of the U.S.Virgin Islands.

After having tryed several times to establish contact to Jamesie, we succeeded at last during the second tour of the band to the U.S.Virgin Islands, and a glorious concert was held with the participation af Jamesie at the " Barnacle Bill's", St.Thomas in january 1995.

The idea emerged then, that Jamesie should come to Denmark for concerts with our band, and in august 1995 he stood here.

One of the concerts held in Denmark was recorded by the Danish Radio -( DR ) - and out of these recordings the first Live-CD emerged.(Polcalypso Live feat. Mr. James "Jamesie Brewster" CCR CD 9702). It was issued in January 1997 and made way for the band to come back to U.S.Virtgin Islands in the spring of 1999 where Jamesie participated on all of the concerts held.

In 2000, the possibility came about that Jamesie could come to Denmark again, and in September it was a reality. A tour in all of Denmark was done, and out of the last concert a new CD was recordet - "Se Acabo - Polcalypso & Jamesie Live in Denmark 2000" CCR CD 2000-1.

Both the compact Disc's are the hommage to the man, that during all these years meant so much for us in the band....