The Polcalypso-ochestra and Virgin Islands 2017

Polcalypsokoncert i vestindien 2017

A long time ago, Denmark had three small islands in the Caribbean, St.Croix, St.Thomas and St.Jan. The islands were sold to the United States in 1917, but when the Danes traveled home, they left something out there - MUSIC. Even today you can hear the remains of Danish music on the Virgin Islands, as the islands are called today, but something unique has happened. In the fusion with the local Calypsomus music, a new musical concept has emerged: "POLCALYPSO" (Polca + Calypso = Polcalypso).

By 2017, it is 100 years since the Danish-West Indies were sold to the United States.

For this reason, there will be many cultural events that the orchestra will participate in, both in Denmark and abroad. It is - after 28 years - still the only band in Denmark that plays this incredible fusion of Danish music and Calypso - found and taken up by The Original Danish Polcalypso Orchestra. In July 2017, the Polcalypso Orchestra is invited to the West Indies to participate in the celebrations there.